Those need-to- be known about Artificial Turf Field Construction

Those need-to- be known about artificial turf field construction can be identified as very detailed and long list. As Dizayn Sports, we will try to transmit out experiences as summary in this text. You can call our company for more detailed information about this matter.

What are artificial turf field construction types?

Artificial turf field types are gathered in three main categories.; professional artificial turfs, outdoor artificial turfs and indoor artificial turfs.

1- Professional Artificial Turf Fields: They are constructed for football match and training purposes.

2- Outdoor Artificial Turf Fields: They are constructed for commercial purposes.

3- Indoor Artificial Turf Field: They are constructed for commercial purposes.

These field types are also varied under each title. For instance, indoor artificial turf fields are also divided into three as canvas covering, sheeting and PVC panel covering. While constructing indoor artificial turf fields, you can make selection by considering region and climate conditions.

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Please click the link to have more information about indoor artificial turf field construction.

Football pitches with professional artificial turf fields are also divided into three; non-certified fields (can be used for training), Fifa1 Star Certified and Fifa 2 Start Certified artificial turf fields. Professional football matches can be played on our  Fifa 1 and 2 Star certified fields.

What are the types used in artificial turf field construction?

The types those we use in artificial turf field construction are our product range included into special football series which is our production.

Artificial turf field models that are used for football fields are divided into two main group structurally;

Fibril Artificial Turf Models: Our models such as LSR-X, LSR, DuoGrass, are produced with fibril yarn.

Monofilament Artificial Turf Models: We have high technology artificial turfs those are produced with monofilament yarn such as Light Turf, Pro-Up Turf, Power Grass.

Above mentioned artificial turf models are the last generation sports grounds identified as 3rd Generation Artificial Turf. These artificial turfs are produced on a full-automated production line with tufting machine. Mat and shock pad are layered on stone chips, artificial turf is layered on that, sand filler is applied inside and black SBR granular or EPDM granular, based on request, (can be gray or green) is applied on top layer, a perfect ground for football is formed.

How does artificial turf selection made?

The most important point in artificial turf field construction is selection. The thing that can make football pleasure experienced on artificial turf field, is the ground and a good lighting.

The first factor in selecting the ground for artificial turfs for football, is leg length of artificial turf. We recommend 55mm Artificial Turf models of ours and they are also generally accepted ones. For professional grounds, 60mm artificial turf and more granular filler will be suitable.

You can see amongst our artificial turf models; DuoGrass (fibril) or Light Turf (monofilament) those take place in the most popular products of ours in recent years, with double color, meaning with offside lines. An artificial turf field with zebra patters instead of a smooth one, will make you have more impressive ground.

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