About Us

About Us

Dizayn Sports “Builds Sports Structures”

About Us

Dizayn Sports “Builds Sports Structures”

Dizayn Sports where 26 years of experience and high technology are combined, provides durable and trustworthy ground solutions in international quality for all sports grounds.

Dizayn Sports, leader company of the sector established on the principle of solutions for sports grounds, constructs your all sport complexes those are indoor and outdoor ones, with its expert staff in their fields from turn-key basis projecting to consultancy, from assembly to after sale services.

Dizayn Sports has ranges for all types of sports fields construction under its roof. Dizayn Sports, experted in sports arena construction, constructs indoor and outdoor sports arenas in short period on turn-key basis.

26 Years of Experience

Dizayn Sports builds indoor and outdoor sport complexes with its  expert staff having 26 years of experience.

High Player Performance

Dizayn Sports grounds carries player performance to the highest level.

Quality Assurance

Dizayn Sports grounds are produced according to international quality standards.

Durable Grounds

Dizayn Sports grounds those are durable against impacts and high usage traffic, demonstrate durability for long years.

Rich Product Range

Dizayn Sports with its wide product range, provides different ground and color alternatives for sports fields.

Customer Satisfaction

Dizayn Sports gives particular importance for customer satisfaction and trust and safety principles.


Dizayn Sports “Builds Sports Structures”

You can ask price offer from experienced team of Dizayn Sports that is expert in its filed regarding constructing sports fields and sport grounds, for artificial turfs, decorative artificial turfs, sport grounds, sports equipment and turn-key basis sport arena construction.