Football Pitches

Football Pitches

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Football Pitches

Dizayn Sports artificial grass for football pitches is designed for durability and safety. Soft and non-wearing synthetic grass texture reduces the risk of injury.

The field surface is not smooth on natural grass fields, the bounce rate of the ball is different at every step, which decreases the quality of the game. However, artificial grass fields are very tightly compressed by ground leveling process and the field surface is corrected using a maximum of one-tonne cylinder and a smooth surface is obtained. This makes it easier to play professional football in artificial turf pitches. The ball bounce percentage is the same at every step, which increases the quality of the game.

Dizayn Sports artificial grass for football pitches is designed to be used in all weather conditions. While it allows use in rainy weather, it is not affected by sun rays. It offers an ideal gaming experience in any weather.

Dizayn Sports constructs three different types of football pitches: indoor football pitch, outdoor football pitch and standard football pitch.







Outdoor Football Pitches

Outdoor artificial turf field is an outdoor sports complex which its steel columns are surrounded by iron wires. Outdoor artificial turf fields are preferred generally in spring and summer months and in the regions having less rain.

Outdoor artificial turf field construction is considered for contests of teams with less persons. Mini artificial turf fields are in less sizes compared to other fields as it can be understood from their names. Outdoor artificial turf fields are sized minimum in 20mx40m and maximum 30mx50m.


Indoor Football Pitches

On the contrary of outdoor artificial turf fields, indoor artificial turf fields are covered above and around. Indoor artificial turf fields are generally preferred in winter months. In indoor artificial turf fields not being affected from weather conditions, matches with high football quality can be made. Indoor artificial turf fields are constructed in three types; Canvas Indoor, Sheet Covering and Panel Covering. One of the alternatives about indoor artificial turf field construction is the method covering with canvas that van be opened and closed from sides based on seasonal conditions connected with its steel construction. From outside, it looks as a stadium.


Standard Football Pitches

Standard football pitches are sports fields in rectangle shape with a special ground for football covered by artificial turf, constructed for professional football players and teams. Standard football pitches are constructed in accordance with «FIFA QUALITY» and  «FIFA QUALITY PRO» standards. Standard artificial grass football pitches are constructed minimum in 45x90m and maximum in 90x120m sizes in accordance with International FIFA standards.


The Cost of Artificial Grass Football Pitch Construction

We construct your indoor, outdoor and standard football pitch projects on turn-key basis. The cost of football pitch construction varies based on its artificial turf model to be used and sizes of the pitch. You can get more information and a price offer about football pitch construction from our experienced team.