Bike Paths

Bike Paths

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Bike path is a path used by cycle riders safely in a way not delaying pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic with the purpose of transportation, ride and sports.

Dizayn Sports presents it knowledge and experience regarding bike path construction from projecting stage until its turn-key for its customers.


– Where will planned bike path be constructed?

– How many lanes will be on planned bike path?

Transverse bending on bike path on pavement, should be made towards traffic way and storm drainage should be made on 0.5% in a way to prevent rainwater accumulation.


Asphalt paint: it is released to the market in Blue RAL 5015 color, water based, acrylic based, with double component as cement and silica filler, with single set packages. It weight is 27.50 kg, it paints an area taking 18 m² in average. It is applied as two layers on available asphalt, it makes asphalt 3 times durable, since it is water-based, it prevents cracks on the ground, it is half mat and prevent slipping.

Asphalt Paint Polish; is Blue RAL 5015 color, with water-based acrylic base and sold in plastic packages. Asphalt paint polish that is made on asphalt paint applied as two layers with spraying method, is Blue RAL 5015 color, water-based acrylic and sold in plastic packages. It has characteristics of reflecting UV rays and water impermeability.

Bike Path Construction Stages


Lower Framework Application

Lower ground off bike path is made by preferring one of following materials; A- Plentmix filler material B- Single equipped Reinforced Concrete C- Binder asphalt.


Steel Construction Work

In outdoor artificial turf field construction, after the ground process is over, steel construction process is started. On the places where posts are piled, steel columns are laid with 3 meters intervals. After steel columns are laid, all of them are welded to each other in order. Painting process is made and basic framework of outdoor artificial turf field is made ready. These processes should be made by paying attention. If fine iron pipes are used and welding workmanship is insufficient, iron construction of outdoor field is made slope towards inside by the effect of roof net and it creates a bad appearance.


Type 0-5 Asphalt Laying

It is laying minimum 5 cm compressed thick Type 0-5 or Type-2 wearing asphalt with a mini finisher with a slope towards one side and compressing with appropriate cylinders.


Painting Asphalt Surface

Following cleaning available asphalt from dusts and dirts, it is painted with asphalt paint in Blue RAL 5015 color with silica filler and cement and water-based acrylic, with TSE certificate as two layers and as the last layer, it is polished with acrylic covering in Blue RAL 5015 color with UV ray reflecting and water impermeability characteristics.


Constructing Side Lines and Logos

It is to draw cycle path’s single side and medium lines with chlorinated rubber cold pathline paint as smooth and dotted lines, to make routing arrows in specific intervals.

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