Golf Pitches

Golf Pitches

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Golf Pitches

Golf pitches are sports facilities with natural grass or synthetic turf installed on very wide areas. Maintenance of golf pitches on wide areas, require intensive care and knowledge. As soon as weather gets cold in autumn, development of natural grass on golf pitches get slower, and it goes yellow in colder weathers. In golf pitches with natural grass, shooting areas are extremely corroded. Due to problems in using and creating natural grass, it is started to prefer artificial turf in golf pitch’s construction.

Maintenance of artificial turfs are not tiresome and costly. Artificial turfs are resistant against friction and wearing. In addition that artificial turf provides opportunity to use in rainy weathers, it is not affected from sun rays It provides an ideal game experience for golf fans in all types of weather conditions. Artificial turf application in golf pitches also provides water saving.

Dizayn Sports’ artificial turfs those are produced specially for golf pitch application, are aesthetic, have natural appearance and long-lasting. They were designed to be durable to use in all types of weather conditions.





Artificial Grass Mini Golf Pitches

Mini golf is minimized type of golf in terms pitch that can be played easily by everyone and address all age groups. Mini golf pitches with artificial turf, are generally preferred by big sites, parks, schools, municipality service areas and malls. Mini gold tracks with artificial turf add values for your all projects with both their functions and aesthetic appearance. You can enjoy playing gold in everywhere with Dizayn Sports’ golf pitches.

Golf Pitch Sizes

A typical golf pitch has 9 or 18 holes. For a golf pitch with 9 holes, a 500 square meters area is enough in average. A golf pitch with 18 holes, can be placed on a 1000-1500 square meters together with its landscape and ponds.

The Cost of Golf Pitch Construction

We produce your artificial turf golf pitch projects in turn-key-basis. The cost of artificial turf gold pitch construction varies based on its artificial turf model to be used and sizes of the pitch. You can get more information and a price offer about golf pitch construction from our experienced team.