Decorative Artificial Grass

Decorative Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Landscaping

Decorative Artificial Grass


Decorative artificial turf is used with decorative purposes in offices, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, stores, malls and many other interior and exterior spaces.

Dizayn Sports’ decorative artificial turfs increase awareness for your place with decorative synthetic artificial turfs thanks to its comfort, classiness and visual appeal. Decorative artificial turfs are durable against friction and quick and practical for assembling. These are hygienic, does not produce or accommodate bacteria.

Areas of Usage: Garden Landscape, Roof Landscape, Balcony and Terrace Landscape, Children Playgrounds, Exhibition and Various Activity Areas, Business and Shopping Malls, Pool Edges, Running and Walking Paths, Cycle Paths, Recreation Areas of Cities.

Decorative Artificial Grass Products

Garden B
Garden G
Decorative Green
Decorative Red
Decorative Blue

Dizayn Sports “Builds Sports Structures”

You can ask price offer from experienced team of Dizayn Sports that is expert in its filed regarding constructing sports fields and sport grounds, for artificial turfs, decorative artificial turfs, sport grounds, sports equipment and turn-key basis sport arena construction.