Decorative Artificial Grass

Decorative Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Landscaping

Decorative Artificial Grass

Alternative for Natural Grass in Interior and Exterior Spaces

Decorative artificial turf is used with decorative purposes in homes, offices, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels, stores, malls and many other interior and exterior spaces.

Dizayn Sports increases awareness for your place with decorative synthetic artificial turfs thanks to its comfort, classiness and visual appeal. Decorative artificial turfs do not require intensive and costly maintenance as much as natural grass. Its assembly is easy and practical. Decorative artificial turf that its maintenance and cleaning are easy, has long physical life taking long years. Decorative artificial turf provides that your places look very green and delicate during four seasons for your places.

Area of Usage: Garden Landscape, Roof Landscape, Balcony and Terrace Landscape, Children Playgrounds, Exhibition and Various Activity Areas, Business and Shopping Malls, Pool Edges, Running and Walking Paths, Cycle Paths, Recreation Areas of Cities.

Water and Money Saving

Artificial turf products not requiring intensive maintenance and watering, recovers you from water waste and expenses.

Perfect Solution for Allergy

Artificial turf that is a hypoallergenic product, increases fresh air quality since it does not consist of insecticide, herbicide and fertilizer.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

It does not require watering, mowing or fertilization. Its maintenance and cleaning are easy. It protects its initial appearance for years.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Artificial turfs those are resistant against friction and wearing, are more resistant compared to natural grass and more long-lasting.

Comply with All Types of Weather

Artificial turf that is resistant against extreme hot and cold, is resistant against UV rays. It complies with all types of weather conditions.


Artificial turf creating a soft ground against impacts, provides a safe and healthy environment.

Grass Fence Wall Covering

Dizayn Sports’ Turf Fences Encolour Your Landscape Projects

“Wall Grass” that is a Dizayn Sports’ grass fence wall covering product, is a product patented as consisting synthetic threads with grass appearance being assembled on wire fence. Wall Grass is especially used to obtain a grass appearance on places where there are wire fences.

Grass fences are products durable ones complying with natural structure. Grass fences appearing nice visually delicate, are amongst important products in terms of safely and they do not reveal inside from outside.

Not only enclosure wall but also many places can be covered by grass fences. They are used as grass fence in cafeterias, wire fence i gardens and as grass wall covering product. Grass fences are preferred in places those are wanted to be covered such as factory and schools.

Decorative Artificial Grass Applications

You can ask prices about sapplying artificial turf in garden landscape, roof landscape, balcony and terrace landscape, children playground, exhibition and various activity areas, business and shopping malls, pool edges, running and walking paths, cycle paths, from expert staff of Dizayn Sports as an expert in decorative artificial turf applications.