Athletics Tracks

Athletics Tracks

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Athletics Tracks

Dizayn Sports’ athletics track grounds were designed to increase performance and protect sportsmen’ health. It has soft and impact absorber characteristics. These systems are durable against all types of weather conditions in addition to demonstrate a high-performance level in indoor and outdoor places.

Athletics tracks are mostly constructed around olympic fields and also professional football fields. It is obligatory to use tartan ground in athletics tracks those will be constructed around olympic fields, due to the fact that they will be used generally in professional games and matches.

The Ground Types Used in Athletics Track Construction:

1- Polyurethane Ground Athletics Track

2- Sandwich System Athletics Track

3- Spray Covering System Athletics Track

4- Tartan Ground Athletics Track

In athletics tracks those will not be used professionally or in running paths those are made in parks or gardens, artificial turf running paths with sand filler in tile red color, are preferred.





Polyurethane Ground Athletics Tracks

Polyurethane ground athletics tracks with synthetic covering are certified as complying with DIN and International Federations’ norms, they are applied with a compact system in 17mm thickness in total with 4 mm polyurethane covering on 13 mm polyurethane layer by embedding EPDM granular inside.

Sandwich System Athletics Tracks

Athletics tracks with sandwich system consist of EPDM layer, polyurethane layer, elastic later and primer layer. There is 10 cm asphalt in lower layer and rubber system ground covering in upper layer.

Spray Covering System Athletics Tracks

Athletics tracks with spray covering system consist of primer, elastic layer and primer and spray layers. This system is an easy solution due to its simple structure. Basic layer of spray covering system consists of combination of impact absorber layer in 13 mm thickness with polyurethane binders. The surface of basic layer is covered by polyurethane filler in 3 mm thickness and fine EPDM granulars.

Tartan Ground Athletics Tracks

Athletics tracks with tartan ground consist of EPDM and SBR granular layers. Tartan ground is generally made by 8 mm SBR rubber in lower part and 5mm tile red EPDM rubber in upper part. These grounds are made by casting on the place of hot rubber and by finisher. These are strong materials with absorption feature and high wearing resistance.

Athletics Track Sizes

Athletics Tracks generally consist of 8 lanes. They can be between 6 and 10, but there should be 8 or 9 lanes for standard foot-races. Length of athletics track is 400 meters. This length mentioned as 400 meters is the distance of running line of innermost lanes. Standard length of innermost side of track is 398 meters and 11 centimeters. However, if the runner continues to run on the outermost track, that length finds 453 meters. Width of lanes is 122 cm.

The Cost of Athletics Track Construction

We construct your athletics track projects on turn-key basis. The cost of athletics track construction varies based characteristics of the ground to be used and field’s sizes. You can get more information and a price offer about athletics track construction from our experienced team.