Volleyball Courts

Volleyball Courts

“Dizayn Sports” Leader in Volleyball Court Construction

Volleyball Courts

Professional volleyball grounds of Dizayn Sports, in outdoor and indoor volleyball court ground construction, make volleyball easier and provides maximum performance for sportsmen.

Dizayn Sports, constructs volleyball courts with four different grounds as indoor and outdoor.

The Ground Types Used in Volleyball Court Construction:

1- Acrylic Ground Volleyball Court

2- Tartan Ground Volleyball Court

3- Parquet Flooring Volleyball Court

4- Polyurethane Ground Volleyball Court





Acrylic Ground Volleyball Courts

Acrylic volleyball ground application is a ground type suitable for volleyball and easy to apply and economical. Acrylic volleyball ground has elastic and non-slippery characteristics. It is a ground covering that is durable against different climate conditions and intensive usage traffic, and not causes breaking and cracking.  Acrylic volleyball court grounds are applied in three different ways based on their covering layers.

Tartan Ground Volleyball Courts

Tartan volleyball ground application consists of two layers and it has water permeability characteristics. EPDM layer is place in upper part and SBR granular is placed on lower part. Tartan volleyball grounds of Dizayn Sports meet needs of volleyball lovers with their characteristics such as its flexibility, impact absorption, non-slippery, UV resistance, durability against different climate conditions.

Parquet Flooring Volleyball Courts

Parquet volleyball flooring covering is a high-quality ground preferred mostly for indoor volleyball courts. Volleyball parquet floorings of Dizayn Sports meet needs of professional volleyball players with its characteristics such as its innovative design, non-slippery, ground durability and performance in bouncing ball. Commonly parquet floorings that are produced by maple tree and oak, are used for volleyball courts.

Polyurethane Ground Volleyball Courts

Polyurethane volleyball ground covering is a protective ground covering applied on reinforced concrete surface. Polyurethane covering that can be applied in indoor and outdoor places, is a ground type that is flexible, not making slipping and wearing, applied as single peace, consisting various color options. Polyurethane ground covering can create mat, bright and colored surfaces.

Volleyball Court Sizes

Volleyball court fields are 18 meters length and 9 meters width rectangle.  There is a volleyball net dividing that rectangle right in the middle. Height of volleyball net is 2.43 meters for men and 2.24 meters for women.  That net divides volleyball field into two 9 square meters equal pieces. These two squares are fields of each team. There is a 3 meters line dividing that square into two areas in 3 meters and 6 meters length.

The Cost of Volleyball Court Construction

We construct your volleyball court projects on turn-key basis. The cost of volleyball court construction varies based characteristics of the ground to be used and court’s sizes. You can get more information and a price offer about volleyball court construction from our experienced team.