American Football Pitches

American Football Pitches

“Dizayn Sports” Leader in Artificial Grass American Football Pitch Construction

American Football Pitches

For American football which is a sports branch requiring high level of power and condition, the ground is extremely important. Dizayn Sports’ artificial turfs being preferred by professionals, keep sports pleasure in maximum level by keeping performance values at the highest level all the time.

Our artificial turf models those are developed especially for American football, reduce impact amount in tough falls with its softness in its yarn structure. In addition to player safety and performance, it increases qualify of game by providing steady ball bouncing.

Dizayn Sports’ artificial turfs those are produced specially for American football pitch application, are aesthetic, have natural appearance and long-lasting. They were designed to be durable to use in all types of weather conditions. While it provides game performance in the highest level, it creates a safe playground against impacts.





American Football Pitch Sizes

American football pitch is in 120 yards (approximately 110 meters) length and 53 yards (approximately 49 meters) width. There are cross lines on the pitch numbered from 50 to 10 and these lines demonstrate distance of attack team to score line in terms of “yard”.

The Cost of American Football Pitch Construction

We construct your American football pitch projects on turn-key basis. The cost of American football pitch construction varies based on its artificial turf model to be used and sizes of the pitch. You can get more information and a price offer about American football pitch construction from our experienced team.