Multi-Sport Fields

Multi-Sport Fields

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Multi-Sport Fields

Multi-sport fields are sports fields with special grounds allowing to play multiple sports in the same place.  The most preferred multi-sport fields are the triple sports fields where football pitch, basketball court and tennis court are in the same place. In multi-sport fields, sports those can be played, are unlimited. Volleyball, badminton, handball and other sports those can come to your mind, can be integrated. In general, sites, community buildings, hotels and schools prefer multi-sport field construction. Dizayn Sports, constructs multi-sport fields with five different grounds as indoor and outdoor.

Types of Grounds used in Multi-Sport Field Construction:

1- Artificial Grass Multi-Sport Field

2- Tartan Ground Multi-Sport Field

3- Polyurethane Ground Multi-Sport Field

4- Acrylic Ground Multi-Sport Field

5- Parquet Flooring Multi-Sport Field





Multi-Sport Field Ground
Iron Poles
Asphalt or Concrete
Wire Mesh

Artificial Grass Multi-Sport Fields

Artificial grass grounded multi-sport fields are appropriate for all sports including basketball since it is with sand filler. It is durable in terms of economical and usage. It is preferred especially in sports fields of school gardens, sites and community buildings. The most preferred sports such as mini football, tennis, volleyball and basketball can be played together in these fields.

Tartan Ground Multi-Sport Fields

Multi-sport fields with tartan ground are thick and elastic rubber grounds formed by EPDM granulars. They are poured hot on the ground in desired colors and shapes. Generally, they are applied as casting in a way to make a 5mm EPDM and 8mm SBR layer. Multi-sport fields with tartan ground are preferred for indoor sports halls in addition to schools and sites.

Polyurethane Ground Multi-Sport Fields

Multi-sport fields with polyurethane ground are durable against scratch, sun rays, all types of wearing and deformation. Polyurethane covering that can be applied in indoor and outdoor places, is a ground type that is flexible, not making slipping and wearing, applied as single peace, consisting various color options. Polyurethane ground covering can create mat, bright and colored surfaces.

Acrylic Ground Multi-Sport Fields

Acrylic multi-sport fields are the ones with elasticity and non-slippery characteristics. It is a ground covering that can be used in all weather conditions and durable against intensive usage traffic, and not causes breaking and cracking. Desired color combinations can be done with various color options. With acrylic ground covering materials, tough and flexible grounds can be made. Acrylic multi-sport grounds are applied in three different ways based on their covering layers.

Parquet Flooring Multi-Sport Fields

Multi-sport fields with parquet flooring are the ones with high-quality being preferred especially by indoor sports halls and professional basketball, volleyball and handball fields. Multi-sport parquet grounds of Dizayn Sports meet needs of sportsmen with its characteristics such as its innovative design, non-slippery, ground durability and performance in bouncing ball.

Multi-Sport Field Sizes

Even though there is not standard regarding multi-sport field’s sizes, the more preferred size is 18×36 meters. In these sizes, standard tennis court, basketball court and mini football field can fit easily. Within community buildings, school and similar places, small and big multi-sport fields can be installed within the scope of sizes.

The Cost of Multi-Sport Field Construction

We construct your multi-sport field projects on turn-key-basis. The cost of multi-sport field construction varies based characteristics of the ground to be used and court’s sizes. You can get more information and a price offer about multi-sport field construction from our experienced team.