Basketball Court Sizes

Basketball court sizes were clearly indicated as 28m x 15 m by FIBA for courts where professional matches will be played. In various places of the world and in amateur sports areas such as street basketball, basketball court sizes can vary.

What are FIBA Basketball Court Sizes?

In Basketball Rules PDF document that was published by FIBA (International Basketball Federation), complete sizes of an indoor sports area ground where professional basketball matches will be played, were given between page 5 and 9. In turkey and worldwide, these sizes are taken as base. There is not situation for basketball courts such as a few meters of expansion or reduction as for football pitches; it is made in 28 m x 15m sizes (it is written as 28×14 m in some sources on internet, do not take them into consideration).

There is a complete draft for basketball courts. There is a difference only in NBA court sizes.

We, Dizayn Sports, use standards those were determined by FIBA for parquet floored basketball court sizes those we construct. Draft of sizes given by International Basketball Federation, are as follows:

Basketball game area is dived into two with a center line as indicated above. Right in the middle of center line, there is a circle named centre circle. There are hoops on each short edge line of basketball game area measuring 15 m. Hoops are placed in a way to be 1.2 m inner part of edge lines. Basketball hoop sizes are 1,8 m x1,2 m sizes. A special netted basket in 45 cm diameter is placed on hoop in a way to be o 3.05 m height from the ground.

What are sizes of NBA Court Sizes?

One of the biggest differences between NBA and European basketball, is the difference between sizes. Even though there is no a very important difference between sizes of game filed in this point, there is a difference as half meter approximately about triple shoot line that is one of the factors making NBA more difficult and enjoyable.

Game are sizes in NBA were determined as 94 feet (28,65m) as long edge and 50 feet (15,24m) as short edge.

Triple shoot line in Europe basketball and international basketball was drawn as 6.75 m distance from cross and 6.6 m distance from corners, and it was drawn as 7,239 m distance from cross and 6,706 m from corners in NBA. It means that, triple shoot line in American basketball league is 48,9 cm further.

Sizes of Other Basketball Courts

Courts can be constructed based on above given standard sizes, however, it might not be available in everywhere. For street basketball, smaller courts can be constructed. Similarly, sizes of basketball courts those are made on school yards, are constructed smaller in terms of height of both hoop and game area for making it appropriate for various age groups. In such areas, instead of specific sizes for constructing basketball court, we do not creak structure of court by using proportional sizes based on international standards.